The Business Performance Management (BPM) vendor landscape continues to evolve.  Vendors continue to innovate and add new functionality on a regular basis.

BPM Partners, the leading independent authority on business performance management and business intelligence solutions, recently released their Core List of Performance Management Vendors for 2015.  Altius received a 4.75 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating.

Details of the customer satisfaction comparison between Altius, Prophix, Vena Solutions and Longview are included in the report.

In addition to customer satisfaction ratings, BPM Partners has included a set of vendor checkboxes to highlight specific product and vendor capabilities.

The Altius solution was named as a best fit for “organizations with complex workflows looking for a highly customizable performance management system that leverages Excel, ideal for those in the Oil and Gas industry.”

Download the full report to learn more about the core players in the BPM space and how Altius compares to other vendors.

Report Highlights:

  • View customer satisfaction scores for core BPM vendors
  • Altius ranked highest on 13 of the 14 attributes, including product functionality and ease of use
  • Altius’ solution recognized for its “tight integration with Excel and customization with no charge for consulting time.”

Learn more about the Altius Flex Planning solution for planning and performance management built on the FlexMI business intelligence platform.