Excel is a highly effective tool for key aspects of budgeting including data entry, model-building and analysis. The tool has lots of core functionality to leverage for the budgeting process.  One significant downside to relying solely on Excel for budgeting is the ability to pull in data from multiple systems.

This might look like uploading actuals from your general ledger to build you baseline budget or importing data from other common ERP systems and databases.

Flex Planning helps finance executives tackle the challenge of managing data from multiple systems, in multiple formats. The centralized Flex repository reduces data redundancy and provides a single view of the truth, helping users accurately access up-to-the-minute data.

The solution is extremely flexible, easily integrating with existing financial systems allowing you to:

  • Auto-load data from flat-files or other source systems into the central Flex repository
  • Continue to use Excel for data entry, model-building and analysis
  • Integrate long range plans into the same file as budgets and rolling forecasts for easy side-by-side financial comparison
  • Present a single view of actuals and forecasts – presenting multiple data sources in both reports and data capture forms

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