Meta analytics can uncover why and where particular problems arise, providing insights that not even the best strategic planning can yield.  

Altius' meta-analysis capabilities allow companies to create business value and a competitive advantage through improved understanding of their own data—at both the process and people/user level.  These analyses can be immensely helpful in identifying key areas of the business process that need work or improvement (as well as identifying people that might be consistently contributing to those issues), and finding appropriate solutions.  Most Enterprise Performance Management vendors do not provide this critical piece of the process-management puzzle.

Not only does Altius give you analytics regarding financial data; it also gives you insight into planning performance with actionable information about:

  • The number of times a user has submitted data to the system
  • How long approvals have waited in the queue
  • Bottlenecks in the system, tracked back to approvers
  • What departments submit budgets on time, and which are consistently late

Additionally, Altius makes your M&A-related due diligence work easier through comprehensive analyses that yield more-accurate valuations. Contact us to learn how you can start to uncover hidden information within your organization using meta analytics.