Many companies who have taken the plunge and implemented corporate performance management software are not seeing return on their investment. While CPM solutions have come a long way in recent years; helping companies to achieve process automation, collaboration and consolidation across their performance management processes, we often see those same companies struggling with restrictive functionality and an inability to customize the software without costly external help.

By their nature, off-the-shelf CPM solutions are designed to meet typical corporate performance management challenges across a range of industries. Over time, some CPM vendors have ‘verticalized’ and incorporated industry specific features to meet the needs of companies in different sectors. However at their core they continue to be ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions with a generic underlying data model. This might be fine if you are happy to conform to the ‘standard’ way of operating but not so good if you want to do things differently. There is often the option to customize the underlying data model but this will come at a cost, and you may not know what you need to customize until you have started using the CPM solution, and the gaps become evident.

As companies grow and evolve, CPM processes must grow and evolve. All too often we see stagnant CPM solutions being underutilized and the reliance on Excel re-emerging, until eventually companies find themselves in much the same position as when they embarked upon their CPM journey.

At Altius we have rethought the conventional approach to off-the-shelf software in 2 key ways:

  • We have 100% tailored solutions with an out-of-the box feel and price tag
  • We have tools to enable companies to maintain their CPM solution as their company evolves.

Altius’s approach is simple and innovative. With the FlexMI suite of products we have separated the software code from the data model. What does this mean; it allows us to ‘drop-in’ a 100% tailored data model and have all the CPM functionality i.e. standardized data input, collaboration, consolidation, reporting, security and workflow automation run out-of-the-box with that data model.

The tailored data model can scale and support an entire enterprise, and data from other systems (such as accounting or ERP) can be incorporated into the model. What’s more, companies can maintain their data model using The FlexMI master data management tool, thus allowing CPM processes to keep pace with organizational changes.

As part of Altius’s zero-cost implementation process, we design and build a tailored data model that fully supports each customer’s unique business process. The flexibility of the product meets the challenges of highly complex planning process within large organizations. For one of our customers, our CPM solution supports over 3,000 users across 30 countries. To find out more, watch a demonstration and see for yourself the power and flexibility behind FlexMI.