A Flexible Bundle

Our solutions solve a myriad of complex business challenges.  For this reason, we complement our products with professional services.  “Flexibility” – it’s the core of our products (and even the root word of our product names).  From workflow, to modeling, to integration, the Altius solution is fully customizable.

The opposite of a cookie-cutter product, our solution is tailored for our customers’ unique businesses—and it can grow and scale with them.  This high level of flexibility allows Altius customers to get maximum value out of their investment. 

“This is one of the most customizable performance management offerings currently available, and Altius provides customization consulting at no additional charge,” notes Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners.  

Bundling professional services enhances the value of our product offering. The bottom line is that our product is built for your business process, however complex or multi-faceted that process might be.  Plus, by leveraging Excel (and not a lookalike interface), our solution allows you to retain your investment in spreadsheet models, formulas and knowledge without the typical challenges such as version control, manual errors and inaccurate information.  You’ll gain the ease and flexibility you need for processes from budgeting, to planning, and everything in between.

Cost Efficient Investment

No hidden fees; real transparency.  That’s our goal. 

We created our products to truly make finance’s job easier – by offering affordable solutions tailored to your unique business processes.  In other words, we pride ourselves on cost effectiveness.  We don’t charge for consulting or customization; the annual licensing costs are all you’ll pay for our fully configurable product. 

Especially compared to larger Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) vendors, you’ll notice that Altius offers a significant cost savings.  Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows us to utilize a pricing structure that eliminates costly implementation fees, individual licenses, and annual maintenance charges.  This is just one example of how Altius has disrupted the EPM industry and its long-established vendors including Oracle, IBM, and SAP. 

We are pleased that the Altius approach allows companies of all sizes to benefit from our dynamic and easy-to-implement system.  Unlike many other vendors, we align our product with your technology roadmap, offering both an affordable on premise or cloud hosted solution.