Save time, reduce errors and quickly execute corporate performance management and planning processes with the FlexMITM suite of products.

All of our products are built on the powerful FlexMI platform used to collect, manage and analyze data across the enterprise.  The flexibility of the platform allows it to be used across multiple business processes, bringing standardization, consolidation, automation and intelligence.

Flex PlanningTM

Flex Planning™ combines the flexibility of spreadsheets with the power of an enterprise data platform – resulting in a solution that embraces Microsoft Excel while providing security, consolidation and workflow functionality in a powerful, yet unobtrusive fashion.

Flex MDM StudioTM

Put the process of managing master data into the hands of business users. Be responsive to business change while reducing time and dependency on external resources.

Flex AFE TrackerTM

Monitor and control your AFE process, reducing bottlenecks and inefficiencies. AFE Tracker supports complex workflows and integrates with performance management systems.

Other FlexMITM Implementations

  • Capital Planning
  • Long Term Forecasting
  • G&A Tracking
  • Field Planning and Economics
  • Production Tracking
  • Reserves Reporting
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Supply Chain Management

...any Spreadsheet Business Process.

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