Flex AFE TrackerTM

Capital expenditure tracking and approval software.

Flex AFE Tracker streamlines the Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) process from creation to close, by providing a web-based solution that automates workflow, increases visibility, and quickly generates reports for analysis.  The solution standardizes and automates requesting expenditure approval, helping projects start on time.  Like all of our products, Flex AFE Tracker is built on the powerful FlexMI platform, giving you complete process optimization to improve efficiency, productivity and performance. 

Flex AFE Tracker is best for organizations with complex workflow(s) looking for a configurable solution to fit their current business process.  The product is fully customizable, and scales to meet your organization’s changing business needs. 


The AFE is automatically routed based on business rules and expenditure thresholds.


Users receive real-time alerts and notifications as the AFE progresses.


Data connectors pull in information from existing systems to reconcile Capex spend.

Custom Capture Form for AFE Creation

We understand that some companies require complex authorization for expenditure intake forms for collecting data.  Our custom web forms are built to capture the data points important to your business process.

Fields are configured for quick, easy and accurate data entry, with automatic calculations.

Automate Your AFE Workflow

The powerful workflow engine supports complex processes including multiple and parallel paths.  This provides flexibility for advanced control over the order of when data is submitted, permissions on who can submit which components of the data, and the approval and sign-off process. Delegation of Authority can easily be managed by the system administrator to adjust user’s approval limits.

Business users can utilize the drag and drop workflow builder without coding to build different workflows with multiple and parallel approval tiers.

Complete Visibility Into Project Status


Flex AFE Tracker's workflow page provides a dashboard-like interface displaying real-time tracking of project status, account detail, open AFEs and more.  Users can quickly see where expenditure requests are in the approval process, along with any actions pending or completed to reduce bottlenecks and improve process efficiency.  Supporting documents can easily be attached or downloaded from the workflow page.

Easy Integration With Existing Systems

Incorporate external data sources and systems to utilize and compare data with minimal effort.  All data is stored in a secure, easily accessible database.

Some examples of integrating existing systems include:

  • Importing accounting data for side-by-side analysis
  • Using well header information to auto-populate AFE metadata 
  • Incorporating lease and contract details to facilitate the balloting process 

Business users can quickly build reports showing budget overruns, actual costs against budget, internal and external AFE exports, and workflow visibility and efficiency.

Manage Approvals From Anywhere

Approve or reject expenditure requests from your mobile device or tablet when out of the office. 

Flex AFE TrackerTM Features

  • Web-based to create, manage, and track AFEs with ease
  • Custom capture form(s)
  • Tailored consolidation models and workflow
  • Automatic routing through all approval stages 
  • Easily attach and store supporting documentation 
  • Integrate with existing systems 
  • Audit trail and data versioning to facilitate compliance (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley)
  • Collaborate across teams with real-time notifications 
  • Standard and Ad-hoc reports
  • Supports multiple languages, date/time conversions and currency conversions 
  • Role-based security 
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Flexible implementation options, on-premise or cloud hosted
  • Adapts to changing business models
  • Business user-driven administration
  • License includes all version updates
  • Scalable from 5 to 5,000+ users 

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Looking for something simpler? Flex AFE Cloud is a liter version of Flex AFE Tracker with a standard data model and workflow builder, delivered in the cloud.  See the difference in our version comparison chart.