Go Beyond Data.

Manage SQL Server Analysis Services Master Data with Flex MDM StudioTM.

Flex MDM StudioTM

Keep your critical performance management applications aligned with your dynamic business environment. Empower business users to make changes to master data without engaging IT, reducing time and dependency on external resources.

Made For Business Users.

Business users need the right information at the right time to make the best decisions possible. Flex MDM StudioTM allows users to make changes to master data directly from their desktop. This allows for:


Increased visibility into information.


Enhanced control of data.


Assurance of data integrity.

Works With Existing Architecture.

Your Model. Zero Configuration.

Investigate and explore business data and architecture without the need for IT intervention.

  • Understand Your Data Model
  • Inspect Dimensions and Hierarchies

Take Control of Your Data.

Allow users to modify business data directly from their desktop.

  • Change Member Attribute Values
  • Create New Members (Including Calculated Members!)
  • Modify Hierarchy Structures (Add/Remove/Move Members)
  • Support for Parent/Child and Regular Hierarchies

Centralized Change Control.

Maintain data integrity and accuracy with centralized change control. Users can place locks on individual dimensions to ensure concurrency and consitency while making modifications to the data or database architecture.

Watch Demo

See the features and functionality of Flex MDM Studio in this video demonstration.