Flex Planning CloudTM

Budgeting and Planning Software Delivered in the Cloud

Flex Planning CloudTM is a business performance management solution that alleviates the challenges of budgeting, planning and forecasting in spreadsheets.  The solution provides a centralized database and workflow engine for version control and collaboration across teams. 

The software gives you anytime anywhere access to real-time financial data in an electronic web-based system.  Business users can quickly create reports and analysis without engaging IT in a familiar working environment, Microsoft Excel.  And because the solution leverages Excel, there is minimal downtown and user training required.  

Flex Planning Cloud is a preconfigured, 'lite' version of our more robust Flex Planning solution.  The liter version offers planners and finance business users many of the same features as Flex Planning with a faster implementation and lower total cost of ownership delivered in the cloud.  


Native Excel Environment for Ease of Use

Flex Planning Cloud™ extends Microsoft Excel, leveraging its power and flexibility while at the same time removing the challenges traditionally associated with a distributed spreadsheet process.

The software uses a native Excel environment for data capture and modeling allowing you to leverage existing workbooks and formulae.  

  • Easily integrate existing financial models and templates
  • Avoid manually emailing spreadsheets across the organization
  • Push and pull spreadsheet data from one central location
  • Save data from Microsoft Excel business templates directly to a central database.

The familiar spreadsheet environment ensures user adoption is a pain free process.  Business users will still enjoy the same features available in Excel; macros, conditional formatting, formulas, external links, validation, grouping, and more.

Improved Controls and Audit Trail

Powerful auditing capabilities track and record the source of data, who loaded it, and when.  The workflow page displays a complete audit trail and allows users to easily approve the budget.

Security roles are aligned with your business model to ensure critical budgeting and forecasting data is restricted to only approved users.  These roles can be applied to any subset of the company's departmental structure. 

Self-service Reporting and Analytics

Give your finance team access to the data they need to build reports in real time, from anywhere.  Flex Planning Cloud's advanced analytics gives you deeper visibility into your organization, allowing you to closely monitor performance and make data-driven decisions. 

Predefined reports available at the click of a button include:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statements
  • Profit/Loss statement 


Complete Collaboration

Flex Planning Cloud provides a place for collaboration by storing shared documents related to the planning and budgeting process.  

Within the system, users receive real-time alerts and notifications throughout the planning cycle.  Notifications can be synchronized with a user's business email account such as Microsoft Outlook. 

Manage Budgets on the Go

Business users can receive notifications on their mobile or tablet devices.  Flex supports both iOS and Android operating systems.

Out of the office?  No problem!  Approve or reject budgeting requests from your mobile device or tablet.



Flex Planning Cloud Highlights


  • Easier, more accurate collection and distribution of data
  • Make changes to the budget mid-cycle and re-forecast in minutes
  • Quickly build scenarios
  • Faster, more accurate reporting with each scenario
  • Flexibility to support changing business processes and models
  • Role-based security as determined and managed by the system administrator
  • Collaborate across teams with real-time notifications
  • Built in repository to store documents
  • Measure and report on workflow statistics and measurements  
  • Time stamped audit trail of business decisions and workflow interactions

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Version Comparison

View a side-by-side comparison of our cloud and enterprise version of Flex Planning.

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Looking for something more tailored? Flex Planning is our enterprise version with a custom data model, workflow and data connectors.  Hosted on-premise or in the cloud.  See the difference in our version comparison chart.