Flex PlanningTM

Bring power and flexibility to the budgeting, planning and forecasting process.

Flex Planning is a business performance management solution that helps business users tackle the challenges related to budgeting, forecasting and other complex planning activities.  The solution reduces the time it takes to collect and manage financial data from across the organization, making reporting analysis easier and more efficient. This has helped our clients produce more accurate plans, more timely re-forecasts and quickly align strategic and operational data.

Like all of our products, Flex Planning is built on the powerful FlexMI platform, giving you complete process optimization to improve efficiency, productivity and performance.  The solution is completely configurable based on your business model, meaning we design, build and customize the solution based on your business needs.  This allows us to deliver a planning solution that fits around your business process rather than requiring you to fit your process around a preconfigured performance management solution.   


System notifications and email alerts drive collaboration across all devices, including mobile.


Actuals data is available immediately after period close, helping users plan with the latest data.


Business users have the flexibility to make changes to the budget mid-cycle and re-forecast in minutes.

Leverage Excel for Data Collection and Modeling

Flex Planning uses a native Excel environment for data capturing and modeling, allowing you to retain your investment in spreadsheet models, formulas and knowledge – without the challenges traditionally associated with a manual spreadsheet process.

Business users from across the enterprise can push and pull budgeting data within spreadsheets to a centrally controlled and managed database, reducing data redundancy and creating a single version of the truth.

Automatic Consolidation

Strategic plans, budgets, and rolling forecasts can be integrated with actual data from internal accounting systems. 

The solution’s multi-dimensional data cube consolidates your planning data, instantly rolling up numbers from across the organization and allowing users to ‘slice and dice’ the data for targeted insights.

Easy Data Access For Reporting

Flex PlanningTM uses the Microsoft BI Stack with SQL server which makes accessing your data quick and easy.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Static or canned reports can be developed and available to users from the web portal. Report results can be exported to many different file formats (.pdf, .xlsx, .csv).
  • Custom pivot table reports can be created by users at anytime using built-in functionality within Microsoft Excel.
  • Take advantage of existing tools and licenses by using third-party reporting tools that your company has invested in.

Complete Process Optimization

Flex Planning is built on the powerful FlexMI platform, bringing optimization and maturity to processes across the organization. 

The multi-purpose platform supports any business process that would benefit from standard data capture, consolidation, a central database, process automation, and business intelligence.  

Expand the platform with easy to integrate plugins to:

  • Track and approve expenses
  • Track invoices
  • Manage projects, and much more

 Learn more about the FlexMI plugin products.


Flex PlanningTM Features

  • Web-based access from anywhere
  • Leverage Excel for data capture and analysis
  • Tailored consolidation models and workflow
  • Automatic routing through all approval stages 
  • Status and activity monitoring 
  • Integrate with existing systems 
  • Audit trail and data versioning to facilitate compliance (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley)
  • Collaborate across teams with real-time notifications 
  • Standard and Ad-hoc reports
  • Supports multiple languages, date/time conversions and currency conversions 
  • Role-based security 
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Flexible implementation options, on-premise or cloud hosted
  • Adapts to changing business models
  • Business user-driven administration
  • License includes all version updates
  • Scalable from 5 to 5,000+ users 

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Looking for something simpler? Flex Planning Cloud is a liter version of Flex Planning with a standard data model and workflow, delivered in the cloud.  See the difference in our version comparison chart.