Ensure one version of the truth.   

In order to implement and maintain effective processes for budgeting, planning, and forecasting, it is imperative to start with good data.  In fact, for many companies, challenges related to business processes are actually rooted in a database problem.   

For example, perhaps you require 20 departments to create budgets.  If each of these budgets is created in a separate Excel spreadsheet, how are you supposed to combine and analyze these in a meaningful way?  What you really need to do is consolidate the information captured in Excel and store it in a central database—allowing you to accurately collect, distribute, and track the complexities of your business activities in one place.

FlexMI’s comprehensive platform approach solves a wide array of business challenges through its central repository, which brings together data from across your enterprise in one location.  Our solution provides your business a clear, real-time picture of its myriad data.  In turn, your processes will benefit from the increased accuracy and efficiency (and considerably fewer headaches!).