Retain your investment in spreadsheet planning models.

Many EPM solutions use an “Excel-like” interface that restricts functionality and effectiveness.  FlexMI, however, uses a native environment—leveraging actual Microsoft Excel—for data capture and modeling.

Our solution allows you to retain your investment in spreadsheet models, formulas and knowledge, without all of the typical spreadsheet challenges such as version control, manual errors and inaccurate information.  You’ll also gain the flexibility so desperately needed for many business processes including budgeting and planning.

With FlexMI, you’ll enjoy:

  • Easy integration with your existing financial models and templates
  • Seamless connection to your workbooks (which can be used offline)
  • Templated workbooks that dynamically reflect the data model and permissions of individual users
  • Full Excel functionality—macros, conditional formatting, formulas, external links, validation, grouping, etc.; this isn’t a lookalike product like some others

FlexMI is a user-friendly solution that helps you parse huge amounts of data in near real-time—and users love it, because they get to keep using the spreadsheets they know and love!

Excel is connected to FlexMI’s central repository, to pull the latest data for reporting and analysis.