Fast and intuitive basis for ad-hoc queries.  

FlexMI has at its core, a multi-dimensional database (MDB) for online-analytical-processing (OLAP). The MDB consolidates data from across the organization - aggregating values within a set of pre-defined hierarchies.

With its intuitive data structure, users can easily perform ad-hoc analysis on the MDB to ask questions like, “what is the remaining capex budget for the IT department this year?” and perform in-depth analysis on financial performance, cash flow and budget variance.

Such functionality allows business users to rapidly process data for quick answers—in other words, self-service, slice-and-dice Business Intelligence. 

Additionally, with Altius’s MDM Studio, you can maintain the hierarchies within the MDB and create custom aggregations. These streamlined, easy-to-use features add up to fast and intuitive reporting and analysis for your business users.