Altius case studies illustrate real world examples of how we have helped clients better understand their data with Business Intelligence solutions, expert consulting, and innovative software.

Kosmos Energy Speeds Reporting, Improves Data Accuracy and Gains Competitive Edge

The company’s spreadsheet-based financial planning solution was manual, time-consuming, and prone to inaccuracies. With help from Altius, Kosmos deployed a new solution based on Microsoft SQL Server. The company can now create reports and analytics in a very short time frame and analysts can deliver accurate data and meaningful insights.

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Oil and Gas Company Reduces AFE Approval Time by More than Half

An International Oil and Gas company needed to up-date their manual, spreadsheet process for tracking and managing AFEs. Their existing process could no longer keep up with the elevated demand. The solution created by Altius shortened the process of reviewing, approving and signing AFEs by more than half. The system is also serving a big role as a data depository for AFE information.

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Major Oil & Gas E&P Company Improves Year-End Financial Planning Process with New BI Platform

One of the world‘s largest oil and gas businesses needed to provide its financial executives with a more effective Group Financial Outlook (GFO) process (year-end financial planning). The new solution saves the customer $100,000 in annual maintenance charges and enables faster group financial forecasting and planning.

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Automatically Extracting Data from PDF Files into a Database

The client’s Drilling Performance team needed a solution to help them capture and report on drilling and performance data. They received many differently formatted PDF files and had to manually read the data – this was inaccurate and slow. The new solution is scalable to cope with any number of drilling reports and formats.

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E&P Company Streamlines the Long Term Planning (LTP) Process

The Exploration and Production (E&P) segment of one of the world’s largest petroleum and petrochemicals companies needed to streamline its long term planning, analysis and reporting processes. The existing LTP process was heavily spreadsheet-dependent and labor intensive.

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North American Gas Increases Efficiency in Production Data Collection and Reporting

One of the largest producers of natural gas, needed to overhaul its Production Tracker application and provide its users with a more efficient data collection method and better reporting in a tool that the users would find easy to use.

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North America Gas Drives Safety Improvements and Improves Financial Recovery with Supplier Performance Reporting

North American Gas required a new system to handle the logging, review and tracking of non-compliance issues through to resolution. The Supplier Performance Reporting tool has helped identify over 130 non-compliance incidents in the first eight months alone. It has helped explain the root cause of over 2,000 hours of non-productive time at a potential estimated cost to the client of over $3.5M.

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Planning Solution for Operations and Services Performance Units of E&P Unit

The client‘s E&P unit required a planning solution to replace an inadequate system involving multiple users accessing disparate spreadsheets, leading to data loss. Altius helped to increase efficiency in data collection and report preparation. New solution saved the client at least 2,000 man-hours.

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Supply Chain Management Gains Insight on Supplier Pricing with Microsoft BI

One of the world‘s largest oil and gas businesses, needed to provide its procurement analysts in Exploration and Production (E&P) with a more effective vendor pricing and bid analysis system for more timely access to information through the corporate intranet. The solution by Altius automated many processes, significantly lowering the cost per bid and saved countless man-hours per bid.

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