Budgeting In Excel

Finance professionals will learn how to create and manage a real corporate budget in Excel, including Excel features that can be utilized to improve the process’ accuracy and scalability.

Presenter: Simon Turner, ACA, International Finance and Operations Executive

A Proformative webinar, sponsored by Altius 

Leverage Excel for Enterprise Grade Performance Management

Business finance teams can learn how Excel can become capable for enterprise-level tasks, including BPM, with the addition of a database foundation, workflow engine, and security controls to guard data and models.

Presenters: Craig Schiff, President and CEO, BPM Partners and Noel Phillips, CEO, Altius 

The Path to Cost Effective AFE Process Automation

Oil and gas business professionals will learn how the use of AFE software can be a very cost effective solution to manage workflows, integrate data sources and ensure that AFEs are processed efficiently, with fewer internal and JV partner challenges.

Presenters: Helen Read, Consultant and Michael Welch, Senior Solutions Architect, Altius