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Analytical Planning Capabilities Facilitate Enterprise-Worthy Strategic Growth

Today’s large enterprise is tasked with maintaining long-term profitability in a constantly changing business environment.  Read this Knowledge Brief with published research by Aberdeen Group that supports the fact that by deepening analytical capabilities, large enterprises can facilitate informed, agile decisions that will lead to further growth.

The New Reality of Performance Management White Paper

There are a number of solutions on the market that solve spreadsheet challenges. Most of these utilize off-the shelf products and tools that reuse existing hardware setup and licenses companies already have in place. The ideal solution will take your existing business models, processes, and workbooks and enable them to save data to a backend database.

9 Key Criteria for Selecting a CPM/BPM Solution

This white paper addresses several important criteria to seek in a business performance management (BPM) system and software vendor. Some key criteria are easy to overlook because they are not typical checkoff features: flexibility, for example, and accessibility of data.

Vendor Profile and Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Altius

BPM Partners, a leading independent service advisory firm focused on business performance management and business intelligence solutions, has released their core list of performance management vendors for 2015.  Altius received a 4.75 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating.  Download the full report to learn more about the core players in the BPM space and how Altius compares to other vendors. 

The Benefits of Moving Performance Management to the Cloud

Businesses are moving faster than ever—in aspects ranging from R&D and production activities, to online and global operations. As a result, the necessity of proper planning and tight management of an organization’s financial performance is paramount. To that end, there has been a shift away from on-premise budgeting, planning and forecasting software, to cloud-based business/corporate performance management (BPM/CPM) solutions for both midmarket and larger organizations. Increased market responsiveness, reduced costs, and faster delivery of critical data make cloud-based applications an attractive offering.

Leveraging Excel White Paper

Excel is a powerful tool for analyzing data. It is viable long-term for even the largest companies, with the addition of a database foundation and security controls it needs. There is substantial cost-efficiency for companies that can use Excel versus investing in a packaged application for business performance management.

Spreadsheet Nightmares White Paper

Despite being the most popular desktop application in the world and revolutionizing how we manage data, Excel does have its limitations and can result in spreadsheet nightmares. Take an in-depth look at common spreadsheet challenges such as version control, linked workbooks, security and limited change control and management and learn how to go beyond them.

Oil and Gas White Paper

There are clear advantages to applying business intelligence technologies to enhance business performance management (BPM) versus continuing with a spreadsheet-based approach. Gaining the ability to access accurate data in a timely manner for reporting and analysis is key to streamlining budgeting, planning and forecasting processes.

Read real world scenarios of oil and gas companies that have applied Business Intelligence to budgeting, planning, forecasting and capital expenditure tracking.