Guidance and support to help you better understand the data that drives your business.  Our professional services help to effectively analyze, report, and share information across your organization, from consulting to implementation.



As specialists in BI and Performance Management (PM), we work with enterprises and large organizations throughout the world to unlock the power of their data and transform it into valuable information, enabling better decisions and creating competitive advantage.



Our focus on rapid delivery and quick ROI is one of the reasons our clients utilize us again and again.  The solutions we deliver are flexible and extensible—they fit your needs today, and at the same time, allow for future growth.



Altius provides support for configured and custom business application solutions, as well as support for our FlexMI products. Beyond implementation and go-live, we are there to support your investment and your team in a variety of ways, from day-to-day support, user training and knowledge transfer to platform upgrades and health checks.



In addition to training users on our FlexMI products, we offer training on other ad-hoc technology solutions such as business intelligence and reporting and analysis applications.