Bring together actuals and plan data, from systems across your organization.

With Altius, you get one version of the truth about your financials

Managing multiple spreadsheets and data sources from across the enterprise can be challenging, to say the least.  Data is often dispersed across multiple systems, and sometimes it’s even inaccurate in one or more places—leading to hours of frustration and poor business decisions. 

Enter Altius.  Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution collects all of your actuals—whether housed in a single location or spread across various systems or geographic locations—and consolidates this information with plan data from across the enterprise.  This results in one central repository for your financials, which creates a single version of the truth.

The Altius solution is also quick and nimble, which allows your company to be the same.  By streamlining actuals-consolidation, the finance team can cut its time spent on this task in half.  Actuals data is mapped from your accounting platform immediately after period close, and consolidated reporting is made available.  The platform also performs intercompany eliminations automatically to allow perfect reconciliation.

Consequently, business users involved in these areas become equipped to make smart, well-informed decisions based on the data.  In fact, relevant users receive alerts when new actuals are available and throughout the rest of the planning cycle.  Notifications can be synchronized with a user’s default email service, and reports can be reviewed in real-time—and from any location or on the go.