Streamline your AFE process to support business planning and strategy.

We understand the unique challenges our clients face in today’s volatile energy market, which is why we go beyond helping them run a more efficient Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) process.  Altius works with each client to provide agility to the AFE process, giving companies the tools they need to efficiently progress an AFE along in the approval stage.  

Large energy companies can easily miss out on opportunities when they get bogged down in multi-stage approval processes.  Our AFE tracking and approval solution helps streamline and speed decisions by providing a full audit trail of commentary on actions performed, with supporting documentation.

The solution provides end-to-end AFE creation and approval, supporting multi-country, multi-partner operating agreements and organization-wide workflow.

  • Data is captured via Flex input forms accessed through the Flex portal; these forms are fully customizable to fit the data capture requirements of your O&G company
  • Users receive real-time notifications as an AFE progresses and can approve or reject it via the web portal, on any supported device
  • The system routes AFEs based on business rules and configured expenditure thresholds on specified fields
  • Data connectors allow information from existing systems such as accounting and well systems to be seamlessly integrated with the data in Flex AFE Tracker

Additional Features

  • Standard reports, and the ability to customize or develop ad-hoc reports
  • Supports multiple languages, date/time conversions, and currency conversions
  • Notifications are fully configurable based on your workflow definition
  • Generates mail ballots for Joint Venture contracts
  • Real-time visibility into the status of every AFE
  • Supports attaching and storing documents
  • Role-based security

At Altius, we utilize our 20+ years of experience working with oil and gas clients to provide software solutions that have an out-of-the-box feel but are deployed and configured for your specific needs.  Our AFE solutions are fully customizable and configurable to your unique business process, including workflow rules (even if you require parallel approval).  It is a cost-effective solution to manage workflows, integrate data sources and ensure that AFEs are processed efficiently—with fewer internal and JV partner challenges.