Managing budgets is hard; our solutions make it easier.

With Altius, there are no restrictions on your data when it comes to budgeting, planning and forecasting 

Our solutions play an important part in making the budgeting process seamless and automated, capturing all relevant data while minimizing errors. 

Easily reconcile general ledger accounts by tying back budget line items, such as: 

  • Employee salary/wages
  • Employee overhead 
  • Utility costs 
  • Marketing expenses
  • Insurance costs 
  • Revenue

Depending on the various types of budgets your company maintains (such as capital budgets, operating budgets, and/or cash budgets), the modeling feature in our solution ensures actual spend and revenue data can be easily integrated, for easy comparison with original budget figures.  

Altius also lets you quickly update plans and re-forecast in minutes—which is critical in today’s fast-paced business world.  Managing the unprecedented uncertainty in global markets requires a flexible approach as well as the ability to alter tactics as markets change.  Our solutions allow you to quickly build scenarios, adjust plans, and make better strategic decisions by using dynamic scenario planning.   You can see the direct impact on revenue when you change a forecast price.

This real-time solution quickly provides visibility for CFOs and Executive teams, and enables them to take action based on forecasted performance.

Finally, Altius grows with your business.  We often find that companies are stuck with a solution that doesn’t conform to the way they run their business, and can’t adapt when it changes; this is not the case with Altius.  We design a flexible data model configured to mirror your business structure, and this model can be easily modified as your business evolves.  As your budgets change, so does your solution—scaling as big as your business requires, when it requires it.  


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