Easily track and audit Authorizations for Expenditure (AFEs).

With Altius, you’ll streamline workflow and gain deeper insights for better decisions

Is your company still relying on manual, paper-based processes to track and approve capital expenditures?  This type of system is prone to inaccuracies, delays, and a lack of visibility and tracking for decision-makers.

Be manual no more!  Altius helps companies speed authorization for expenditure AFE approval times, automate workflows, and gain deeper insight into capital spend—resulting in better decision-making.  Our solution stores your CapEx data in an accessible and easy-to-query Microsoft SQL Server database, keeping it organized and standardized in a central location.  It also integrates with multiple data sources and systems to compare data and spot trends.

The software not only streamlines your process but also enables improved business performance.  Managers and executives can easily compare AFE costs with accounting to see where and why any variances or overruns occurred.  Additionally, a dashboard view provides complete and real-time visibility into the entire AFE process (including supporting documents for each authorization).  

With our solution, you’ll also have access to robust financial metrics to calculate Net present value (NPV), Internal rate of return (IRR), Return on Investment, and Payback period.  These calculations can be built into the solution for automatic calculation, showing which investment should return a profit or how long it will take for an investment to pay for itself.   

A consolidated and holistic view of your CapEx data equips your management team with insightful data for better collaboration, communication, risk-management, and decision-making.


Discover how easily you can track and approve expenditure requests.

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