Accurately budget resources for future long-term plans.

The oil & gas industry can be very fast paced, with many moving financial pieces. What is the best way to keep track of your costs, forecasts, and other capital-planning needs?

With Altius, you’ll benefit from a central repository that keeps all your data organized in real time. Our capital-planning solutions support the monthly import of thousands of lines of actual capital and cash expenditures, provide a mechanism for analysts to allocate costs across cost centers, and provide a rigorous performance-management platform for performing rolling forecasts and long term planning. 

Analysts use Altius’ platform to coordinate planning workflow each month across geographically distributed regional offices—and the platform’s integration with Active Directory ensures data remains visible and accessible only to analysts with regulatory authorization.

Additional integration opportunities abound—to tie allocations, costs, capital, PI, and strategic data with activity planning, scheduling, timekeeping, financial sanctioning, and regional operating plans.  And, master input templates enabled by Altius’ Excel-based add-in enable managers to distribute centrally formatted workbooks, controlling the quality of data inputs and enforcing the reliability of derived business insights.

Altius’ capital-planning solution grants business managers an unprecedented holistic view of all the moving pieces in a dynamic enterprise.

EPM Solution for Oil & Gas

Fulfill planning and reporting requirements across all departments with an extensible platform made for the oil and gas industry.  Watch this video to learn more.