Get a handle on—and update—important information from across your business.

With Altius, you’ll gain visibility, control, and integrity

Master data is important information about your business, stored across different IT systems.  This data holds information about your organizational structure, suppliers, employees, chart of accounts, and other critical entities that fuel your organization.  It can be challenging to ensure consistency and then maintain the master data.   

Altius’ Master Data Management solutions allow business users to easily and instantly make changes to master data without engaging IT staff—reducing time and dependency on internal and external resources. 

For instance, a user with approved access can add or update members or children within a hierarchy and apply these changes throughout the master database.  In turn, business processes run smoother and faster.   

Business users need the right information at the right time, in order to make the best decisions possible.  Altius keeps your critical performance management applications aligned with your dynamic business environment. You’ll empower business users to gain improved insights into master data, execute deeper and more targeted analyses, and maintain data integrity.  Take control of your data.


Watch how business users can take control of their master data for deeper and more targeted analysis. 

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