Identify areas for business process improvement.

We partner with clients to define their business process and apply best practices

Business processes can be very spreadsheet-dependent and labor-intensive to prepare, distribute, collect, and validate.  And it can often be a challenge for companies to uncover bottlenecks or identify areas for process improvement.

At Altius, our solutions help to automate complex business processes, saving valuable time and providing increased accuracy.  They fit your business’ needs today, and allow for future growth.

We partner with each of our clients from the beginning, offering a consultative approach that aims to truly understand problems and challenges within their current business processes.  We can then map this business process into a clearly defined workflow and apply security controls, with the aim of automation and improved efficiency.  Our phased-project approach provides meaningful guidance and results at each step in the implementation.

With Altius, you can:

Automate workflow: The workflow engine automates process flow, helping to quickly progress budgetary requests through the approval process.  Our solutions can support any conceivable workflow process, including multiple levels of approval and parallel approvals.    

Build workflows without coding: The flexibility of Altius’ solutions allows business/end users to easily create different workflows with no coding.  A simple drag-and-drop feature is used to build out workflows of any kind.     

Gain workflow efficiency: Increased workflow visibility means you can identify bottlenecks and, because you know how long a request has been waiting, you can send an alert to the user.

More often than not, we help clients uncover a wide array of gaps and issues regarding business processes—related to how users handle information in the present, as well as information that will be needed and wanted for the future.