Accurately report the longevity and sustainability of existing assets.

Publicly traded exploration and production companies are required to follow the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stringent reporting requirements for oil and gas reserves.  

Investors and regulators want hard metrics and precise reporting, but it can often be difficult for oil and gas companies to classify and report on proven reserves.

With Altius’ reserves-reporting solution, you’ll gain a clear and confident understanding of your final proven reserves—which helps you provide an explanation for the SEC on how the number was calculated. Our solution utilizes multi-dimensional analytics that allow you to drill down into your data and ensure that all of your reserves information aligns with your company balance sheet.

Accurate reporting of the longevity and earnings sustainability of existing assets gives your Investors and company leadership confidence and peace of mind. 

EPM Solution for Oil & Gas

Fulfill planning and reporting requirements across all departments with an extensible platform made for the oil and gas industry.  Watch this video to learn more.